Essential Oils


Often we reach for over the counter or prescription medication because we don’t have an alternative solution. When we think of Essential Oils, it may remind us of cheap smelling scents “hippies” burn in an oil burner. In fact, Essential Oils have been around since ancient times and recognised for their amazing healing powers. These plant magic oils can help you with:

Sleep + Immunity Boost + Hormonal Support + Household DYI + Beauty DYI + Respiratory Support + Gut Health + Mood Management + Pain and Inflammation + Stress Management + Energy + Detoxification + Natural Medicine + so much more!

And they are amazing to cook with.


I’ve partnered with DoTERRA oils because not all oils were created equal.

DoTERRA Essential oils are the highest quality therapeutic grade oils because of the way they are sourced. Every oil is sourced from the country where that plant or tree indigenously grows – giving us the best quality oil. They also use a co-impact sourcing model, working with local farmers.


I can set you up with a wholesale doTERRA account, giving you access to 25% off all oils. This is the smartest way to purchase doTERRA oils and other products. To find out more about how to buy the oils and get access to a free Oils 101 training webinar email me at