The non-diet “diet”


The non-diet “diet”

Who else cringes when they hear the word “diet?” The word itself conjures feelings of dread with images of a hungry, joyless existence. Not fun, or a sustainable approach to living a healthy life – no wonder they never work. What I’ve found to be a more appealing and successful is adding in V’s taking out. This positive approach to eating is where the gold is at.

Start your “non-diet” by removing nothing. Instead focus on what you can add in. Sounds too easy, I know, but the theory is crowding out. By introducing a few simple, yet invaluable add-ins, the good will slowly push out some of the not so good elements of your diet.

To start I suggest integrating three add-ins:

  1. Water

We hear drink more water all the time, but this super star can be your best friend when you’re trying to lose excess weight or optimise your health for a trillion reasons. We often mistake thirst for hunger. Start your day with two big glasses of water; this can lead to better food choices throughout the day. Filling up on H2O can also help reduce caffeine and alcohol intake and, it’s amazing for your skin. Adding a few drops of citrus juice or essential oil in every glass can also do wonders for your digestion.

*I’m not going to join the “which water is best?” debate. I have filtered or tap depending on what is accessible.

  1. Vegetables

A no brainer, but don’t dismiss the simplicity. Add more vegetables to every meal. Eat more vegetables as snacks, just add more in. The benefits of a plant based diet is pretty much the only thing the nutrition world agrees on and this is where you will see the beauty of crowding out in action. Filling your plate and palettes with wonderful colours can help “crowd out” less nutritious food in your diet. Sound far-fetched? I encourage you to try. Our bodies truly are amazingly clever and the benefits of increasing vegetable intake will leave you naturally craving more. Sweet vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes can be helpful in reducing sugar cravings.

  1. Self-Care

I bang on about self-care a lot simply because I believe it’s the super hero of supreme health. I define self-care as doing something for yourself that lights you up and rejuvenates you, such as massages, baths, manicures, yoga – the list is endless. When looking at the role it plays in replacing a traditional approach to diet consider how you feel after doing something nourishing for your soul. Our natural inclination is to reach for something good for our body rather than the opposite. The other key benefit is the impact it has on stress levels.

So there you have it, validation to ditch the diet in place of a much more desirable crowding out approach. You will also become more in-tune with what works with your body.


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